About Us

We are a community led company that engages in incubation, acceleration and investments. Startups Club is an Open, Inclusive and Collaborative community for entrepreneurs. The community brings together members from across the world who, support one another while furthering their own goals.

Through our platform as well as our various events we help you find those who could end up being your co-founders, partners, collaborators, customers or even investors – Startups Club is an engine for people discovery.

Our activities span the length and breadth of India and we have brought together entrepreneurs from more than 100 cities in India.

>30,000 Members

30 Cities

>900 Meetups

How we got started?

Startups Club started as a humble meetup group in Bangalore. Our goal even then was to bring people together to enable tangible benefits. We expanded our meetups to other cities on popular demand. Today, we conduct events across 25 cities in India and have over 30,000 members who are a part of the community. Along the way we have worked with several investors, supported thousands of entrepreneurs and watched several businesses rise.


We organise meet-ups across more than 10 cities in India each year. Altogether more than 100 meet-ups are organised in year and this serves to bring our community together and get them engaged with each other to help them discover business, collaborations, co-founders and investment


Our community is spread across more than 30 cities in India and serves to help members connect with each other across cities and states. 

We also have a community of Pioneer members who are serious entrepreneurs looking for growth and support. We provide mentoring support to pioneers as well in the areas of Business, IT, Compliance and Digital Marketing.

Demo Day

The Startups Club Demo Day is a marque event that brings together some of the best in the eco-system. The event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, students, corporates and government. It is attended by people with diverse background hailing from more that 60 cities across India. 30 top startups get the pitch at the Demo Day Finale each year and over 50 eco-system partner from across the country participate at the event.


We work with international governments as well as international companies that wish to engage with the Indian Startup eco-system and look at engaging either way. Companies looking to come into India and those looking to expand beyond India.

Our Leadership

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