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User Image Jfranco
1 hour ago

Hi i'm Joaquin from Panama, as you all know, because of the geographic position of our country we have the Panama Canal, build up by Americans, now owned by Panamenians.

Every month, around 420 ships cross the Canal. 14 ships each day, and by the Canal rulea, each ship has to wait 48 hours of waiting to be confirm on his booking to cross. For obligation they have to be 48 hours or more to be on time, so in Panama we have hundreds of boats just waiting to cross and they do not have Internet or Wifi Servicies. My Idea is to create this buoys to provide internet services to this boats on this 48 hours creating a sofware they could create a profile and go online.

By getting online the crewmembers will acces online and they could comunicate and watch movies, or download things. At the end, they do not have any services, they sometimes buy simcards expensive as hell, and the waiting ships are not so far from the coast.

In other hand, Panama is a very small country and I know were we can get all the contracts, permisions and know the board of director of the canal so we could have a nice entry (pitch) before we do this project.

This innovation idea came out cause I did a market research on the Panama Canal services and this waiting ships waste alot of money buying simcards and getting a bad services. This idea I will like to be part of and will like to share my ideas in this project. I will like to have more financial help and creative/innovative/expertsresearch on this area.


User Image La Vafara
1 day ago

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User Image Vivek Ventures
1 day ago

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User Image Rajesh
1 day ago

Hey Guys,

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User Image Vivek Ventures
4 days ago

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User Image Vivek Ventures
4 days ago

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User Image Zaheer Abbas
5 days ago

I have 4 years of experience in web development. I have a focus on creating large scale web solutions and working on various web technologies. I have been working on PHP and its CMS including Wordpress , Responsive Layouts using Bootstrap3, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. I love to keep myself updated with latest technologies and innovations.

User Image Geetha
5 days ago

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