Supporting startups since 2013

When you take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship,
we are there to make sure you don’t fall

At Startups Club, we have been working with
early stage startups for the past 8 years. 

As an entrepreneur your greatest asset is your time

Through our community we reduce the time it takes 
for your to discover people

Through mentoring we would like reduce the
number of experiments needed

We are always there to help you find a way through your challenges

Welcome to Startups Club!

For our Pioneers

Our Pioneer community is our strength and we are always looking to support them in every way possible.

What we do

We hve spent the last 7 years answering several questions that our members have posed to us. Further we keep learning new things everyday oursleves. 

We created this section of our website to answer frequestion asked questions, share what we learn through our blogs and to share the books that we love so that they could help develop your thought processes.

Explore this section to learn more.

Our programs are targeted towards supporting early stage startups with mentoring and investment programs from across the globe. We have been working with startups for the past 8 years and understand their needs. With this understanding in mind we have brought to fore thee programs that would cater to a variety of requirements and offer support which is appropriate depending on your stage.

Please click on the link above to explore this further.

We started in March 2013 as a meetup group and have never given up conducting meetups since. We organise nearly 100 meetups every year across the cities that we have a presence.

Each meetup have a theme and we discuss the same to throw light on it. At the same time for those looking for co-founders and looking to engage customers, it is a great place to network.

Demo Day is an experience that brings together entrepreneurs and investors from across the country. Join Demo Day if you wish to pitch your idea, engage with potential customers and investors as well as influencers and eco-system players from across the country.

This is a one of a kind event for early stage entrepreneurs which you do not want to miss.

We have always been engaged with international intiatives to see how we could help our startups access markets globally and open up more avenues for themselves. We are currently working with our partners in Canada to help facilitate startups that are seeking to tap the North American markets. Reach out to us to learn more.

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